Axess Sourceing

We collaborate with procurement professionals to deliver more value, faster and more efficiently. Our innovative solutions help transform organizational capabilities, accelerate time to savings, and increase efficiencies and effectiveness!

Axess Marketing

One of AxessTrade main functions being the marketing and distribution of Suppliers products. Progressively, new product design and pressure of deliveries have prompted a larger content of own supply

Axess Logistics

AxessTrade helps its family of customers remain competitive by providing expeditious transportation services and logistics solutions across the world…

Our Service :

  • Accourding to our customers demand we provide our products from the most reliable manufacturing companies in Turkey.
  • We search the market very well in order to offer to our customers the best quality products with the most competitive prices.
  • We always work with leading manufacturing companies in each sector we serve.
  • The products and services demanded by our customers are delivered as soon as possible to meet the customer satisfaction on the first hand.
  • We bringing together foreign buyers and domistic manufacturing sellers to increase productivity and contribute national exportation.
  • İn order to establish business cooperation with manufacturers in Turkey, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to organize business trips to and out of Turkey to explore new markets.
  • Because of our young, dynamic and well trained staff we are keen to serve our customers 24/7 non stop.
  • We divide our concentration into different industries we serve and we focus on each sector.
  • With a fundamental understanding that our customers are operating their business in an increasingly complex and dynamic set of variables.
  • AxessTrade is positioned as a worldwide partner offering, flexible, scalable and agile logistics solutions.
  • Whether a company is just now testing the waters of off-shoring or is a seasoned performer, there are still challenges in a global logistics execution that AxessTrade can help abate.

AxessTrade complete logistics offerings are as follows. Challenge us with your company needs today!

  • Air Freight Transportation
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Cargo Tracking
  • Container Loading
  • Customs Brokerage/Clearance
  • Inland Transportation
    • Nationwide Cargo Pick Up
    • On-Island and In-Country Delivery Services
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Marine Insurance
  • Warehousing/Distribution
  • Worldwide LCL, LTL and FCL Transportation

Nowadays E Commerce Projects are generating billions in digital sales for customers every year.

AxessTrade is working on a multilingual platform that help our clients to reach a trusted suppliers allround the world and make their transactions safely.

We have the know-how and ecommerce best practices down to a science.

Our ecommerce consulting team is working on project designed to help you transform great digital experiences into amazing revenue generators.